Tonality-Certified quality

High quality ,frost resistance and durability have been inherent characteristics of Tonality facades Tiles for decades. These high quality facades tiles stand out due to their unique colors, range pf surfaces, highly attractive joint design and practical installation friendly technology. In both of new build and refurbishment projects, the ventilated facades with Tonality facades tiles has proven to be a reliable facade system with outstanding physical properties. Tonality facade tiles are certified by the German Institute Construction and Environment e.V (IBU -Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V) with an environment product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

  • Strength, durability and cost-effectiveness.

-High firing factor
TONALITY facade tiles are manufactured using the KERALIS® sinter firing process. over 1,200° C and ensures a refined            finish,maximum strength and precision.
– Frost resistance and long-lasting color fastness, UV resistance
– All energy-saving requirements can be satisfied by using ventilated facade systems

  • low dead weight

only 28 -35kg/m2, combined with high strength, means that the primary substructue can be significantly reduces during installation.

  • Fast,easy installation
    The tiles are simple hung and no clips are required. Tonality as a unique efficient system, using two different profiles. It is exceptionally safe, even as demonstrated by international earthquake tests. In case of damage the tiles can easily be replaced.
  • The ventilated facade system helps to reduce energy costs and fully complies with the requirements for energy-saving facades. Through the use of adequate insulation thicknesses, the ventilated curtain facade can achieve low-energy and passive house standards.